Surging in popularity during the 1970s, popcorn ceilings were used to build many homes, and if your house was built around that time, you might be wondering: should I remove popcorn ceiling and replace it with a more modern design?

While the textured look might appeal to some even now, it’s highly recommended that you consider replacing your popcorn ceiling due to serious, potential health risks and for aesthetic reasons. The cost to remove popcorn ceiling can be very reasonable, and most professional teams can complete the removal process in just a couple of days.

To help guide you through this decision, we’ve gathered a list of the negative effects popcorn ceilings can have on your home:

  1. Collection of dust 
    Popcorn ceilings have a unique texture that accumulates debris and dust over time—living under these conditions is detrimental to your health as these finer particles will regularly shed on you.Popcorn ceilings are very hard to clean because of their height and grooved texture, and it’s essential to have easy to clean and sleek ceilings to maintain your home’s air quality.
  2. Disintegration
    The paint and more delicate features of an older house begin to disintegrate over time. Similarly, a popcorn ceiling will start to fragment and drop white flakes onto your floors, furniture, and even on your head.
  3. Threat of asbestos
    Popcorn Ceiling
    As popcorn ceilings consist of harmful Asbestos, the Clean Air Act was established to end its use in 1978. Unfortunately, chances are that if your popcorn ceiling was installed before that year, it could contain Asbestos.According to the EPA, if the ceiling is still in place, it is not a hazard as you won’t inhale it. However, it would be best to get it removed to keep everyone in the house safe from potential exposure.
  4. Damages 
    After a few years, scrapes, holes, dents, and marks will appear on several parts of your house, and your ceiling is no exception.While most ceilings can be patched up when such issues arise, the same is not correct for popcorn ceilings. If you want to fix it, you will have to redo it, which is time-consuming and quite expensive.
  5. Outdated aesthetic 
    Your home is where you spend the most time, so you would undoubtedly want to spruce it up. Instead of just focusing on furniture and appliances, remove that outdated popcorn ceiling and get something new that ties the whole room together.
  6. Discoloration
    Discoloration of your popcorn ceiling is something that you will notice over time. Removing this old ceiling and replacing it with something new to brighten up the place can make such a difference in your home.

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