Whether you’ve just moved into a new house or you’re looking to revamp your current home, considering popcorn ceiling removal can prove to be an important step for improving your home’s value, your health, and the overall aesthetic of your space.

Should you remove popcorn ceiling? While this particular type of ceiling was extremely popular in the 70s and 80s, there have been many rising health implications in recent years that indicate the popcorn style can pose a risk, and that you may want to consider removal as soon as possible.

Here are five simple ways to prep your home before removal:

  1. Test for asbestos

As it became popular in the early 1980s, the signature popcorn texture was used to help home builders deal with sound absorption; furthermore, it was an excellent fire retardant. And to make this possible, the key ingredient for these ceilings was asbestos, which can be dangerous to live around.

According to the EPA, if the ceiling is still in place, it is not a hazard as you won’t inhale it. However, it would be best to get it removed to keep everyone in the house safe from potential exposure.

To test for asbestos you’ll need to carefully scrape off a small sample of your ceiling and send it to a third-party, EPA-accredited lab for testing. We recommend doing this if your popcorn ceilings were installed in 1978 or prior, or even in the decade or so after 1978, just to be safe.

  1. Remove everything from the rooms in your home 

Before we begin the removal process, it’s best to remove as much as possible from the rooms with popcorn ceilings.  If you have any items that can’t be removed, we can easily cover them with plastic sheets to ensure that they are protected from the dust.

  1. Verify your preferred ceiling texture 

While your quote will let us know the kind of ceiling texture you prefer to go up after the popcorn ceiling has been removed, it’s important to verify paint colors, sheens, and textures before we begin.

  1. Ensure that we have access to your home 

While we expect that you will be home to meet us at the beginning of the project so we can confirm details, if for any reason you will be out of town or not at home, we can still get started if you’re comfortable with hiding a key, providing a garagekey code, or having a neighbor or friend grant us access.

  1. Expect exceptional service 

Once we begin the removal process, we will fully cover your walls and flooring with plastic for a no-mess guarantee. When we’ve finished, we encourage you to walk through and point out any areas that need touch ups, though we consider ourselves experts and will get the job taken care of quickly and efficiently; in fact, we can finish the job in just one day.

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