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Drywall contractors are professionals who are experts at the labor-intensive techniques used in fixing and installing drywall. But if they aren’t good at their job, you’ll easily be able to see any imperfections, bulges, and cracks they’ve left behind. Walls form part of your home’s foundation and a poor build or repair job can leave lasting consequences. That’s why it is essential to hire the right people for the job.

But, how do you know if you’re hiring experienced professionals?

We’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick list of questions you should consider when seeking out a contractor to ensure that you’re hiring the right team:

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1. How long have you been working as a contractor?

Working with newly qualified contractors can be a risky move.

Enquire about previous projects they’ve completed and get references you can follow-up on later. Established drywall contractors should have a reputation for delivering expertise, quality, and speed. Also, they are quick to investigate and fix if something goes wrong.

This makes tenured contractors a good pick since they also pose minimal flight risk. They’ve been in the industry long enough to want to stick around and build a better standing for drywall repair in West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie.

2. Do you have the correct license and certification?

The state of Florida mandates licensing for all drywall contractors. For instance, if you’re searching for drywall repair in Broward County, the workers should have an actual contractor’s license.

When hiring one, make sure that they can show you a proof of passing the state drywall certification exam. They must also demonstrate a good mix of experience and education.

3. Are you insured? 

Any contractor you hire should have liability insurance and workers’ compensation. This safeguards them and their team in case of an accident, and covers you if any potential mishap renders them unable to complete the project as agreed upon.

4. How quickly can you finish the project?

What good is a drywall contractor if they don’t have any room on their schedule for the next six months?

Make sure that they are available to work within your timeline and set the right expectations from the very start. Don’t let your drywall contractor string you along without providing you concrete information on their plans for your project.

5. What are the team and supervisor like?

You need a dedicated team and a responsible supervisor to ensure quality work. You should know if the same team will be working each day or if multiple people will be coming in during your project. Also, it’s best to inquire about the supervisor or subcontractors, and their licenses and certifications to ensure that they’ll deliver top-notch drywall services.

It’s even a good idea to ask how long the crew has been with the company—the answer will help you figure out if the contractors are worth working with. The drywall industry has a high turnover rate, so if the staff have been around for a year or longer, it’s an indication that they are an excellent team to work with.

6. What is your cleanup routine like?

Your chosen drywall contractors should have a reputation for cleaning up after themselves.

Understand the process they follow while working, and ensure that their staff is instructed to remove the mess and debris leftover at the end of each workday.

7. Do I have to look out for any hidden or additional charges?

Make sure your contractors can give you a complete breakdown of the costs before you sign any contracts.

They may charge extra to install drywall in areas with unique features, such as arched ceilings or irregularly-sized rooms. While all this is understandable, you don’t want to be hit with hidden charges that you never accounted for.

Ensure that the contractor stays within the budget and gets your approval for any new expenses.

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