When your home’s popcorn ceiling is exposed to moisture or water, this can quickly become a serious issue, and to avoid disastrous results, you’ll need to know everything there is about popcorn ceiling water damage repair. This sort of issue can prove extremely dangerous, and can often lead to irreversible damage.

If you believe your popcorn ceiling has been exposed to water or moisture, then the damaged area will have to be dealt with promptly to eliminate the potential for mold growth and staining. However, before you go about repairing your popcorn ceiling, you would have to rectify the water issue. If the water is still leaking, this will only lead to more problems, and you will have to make additional repairs to make in the future.

How To Repair Popcorn Ceiling Water Damage 

Repairing your popcorn ceiling DIY style can prove a little tricky. It’s not an everyday type of home repair, but if you’re up for the challenge, here are some critical steps many professionals follow when repairing water damage:

  • First, a plastic sheet should be spread under the working area
  • Use a ladder to carefully set up access to the ceiling
  • Then, start scraping off the water-damaged portion of the popcorn ceiling until it is completely removed and the stained ceiling is visible
  • Dust or vacuum the ceiling to get rid of any leftover debris or particles
  • Next, prime the water-damaged ceiling via a paintbrush with ceiling paint
  • Start applying a popcorn ceiling patch with a wide putty knife
  • Ensure that the ceiling patch matches the roof and it blends in seamlessly.
  • Leave patch to dry

Once it has dried, you’ll need to paint it with the same white, latex, or flat finish as the rest of the ceiling. To ensure the popcorn texture does not get ruined, you should consider the use of a paint sprayer.

This would be considered a simple popcorn ceiling water damage repair job. However, if you have a more extensive water damaged ceiling, then you should consider hiring a professional to get the job done. Repair companies usually have the correct tools and materials necessary for restoring popcorn ceilings. Most professionals work the following:

  • First, they will carefully scrape off the entire damaged area
  • Then, they will prime the whole site and leave it to dry
  • The team will then apply a popcorn ceiling texture that matches the rest of your ceiling
  • The professionals take their time to adjust the texture amount to match it with the existing ceiling. Since they have a lot of experience in this, they do it in practically no time
  • Once their team has tuned it right, they’ll spray over the damaged area
  • If the ceiling has never been painted before, it would have to be primed using only oil-based products. This is because water-based products will only saturate texture and make it fall off. Popcorn ceiling texture is technically a paper additive, and it cannot handle water-based paint, which is why it has to be sealed before painting.

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