Are you giving your home a makeover? Are you refreshing some out-of-date styles? Large-scale updates like this are great for homeowners, and oftentimes increase the value of your property. But, for big projects like popcorn ceiling removal, you might be left with more questions after it’s all said and done.

Although popcorn ceilings can be good for absorbing sound, reducing echoes, and hiding imperfections, many homeowners don’t find them all that attractive, and in some cases, this type of material can also contain asbestos. If you’re trying to bring your home up-to-date from top to bottom, then you’ll probably be asking, “what should I do after removing my popcorn ceiling?”.

It’s a pretty subjective question and should really be answered based on your own needs and preferences. But, to help you find the right solution, we’ll go through some other, popular ceiling styles and designs.

Update Your Home With These Ceiling Styles and Designs

Updated ceiling styles and designs not only make your house look and feel better, but they can increase the value if you’re looking to sell or rent.

Here are a few options for you to consider when redesigning your ceiling:

  • Knockdown

Knockdown is one of the easiest ceiling textures to apply. The application process involves coating the ceiling in watered down joint compound, either by spraying it on or spreading it with a trowel. As the compound dries, gravity will pull it down to form small, pointy stalactite-like formations. Once the compound is dry, the stalactites are knocked flat with a trowel.

Knockdown ceilings are great for concealing blemishes and reducing noise. Taking help from an experienced professional will not only make your home look great but it will also be a far less cumbersome task for you.

  • Smooth Finish

Smooth finish ceiling styles require a skin coat of joint compound after the ceilings are finished. You may be able to obtain a smooth finish ceiling by just finishing drywall seams, but this takes an expert hand. More than likely, a thin coat of joint compound is required to get a perfect smooth finish.

Smooth finish ceilings tend to make a room look bigger and more modern because they aren’t textured, and are very easy to clean. On the other hand, they don’t conceal blemishes very well and they don’t reduce noise well.

  • Orange Peel

Orange peel ceilings are a popcorn ceiling solution that resembles the texture of an orange peel. Orange peel ceilings are textured similar to knockdown ceilings, but the texture is much smoother. The application process involves spraying the ceiling with a watered-down drywall compound and then painting the ceiling once it’s dry.

Orange peel ceilings are an excellent option if you want a ceiling that is textured to reduce noise and conceal blemishes, but not so textured that it looks outdated.

Should I Texture My Ceiling After Removing Popcorn?

There are very good reasons for having textured ceilings, even if you don’t like the popcorn-style. Textured ceilings are an affordable way to add some style and dimension to a room, they hide imperfections (which comes in handy, especially for rental properties or kids’ rooms), and they are relatively fast and easy to install.

On the other hand, textured ceilings are a bit out-of-date and don’t fit in with a home that prioritizes the clean-line style. Homeowners looking to sell may be able to price their home a bit higher if they’ve made the effort to update their ceilings.

In the end, textured ceilings remain an excellent option for ceiling style and design for homes and rental units.

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